Monday, October 31, 2011

- Hajj -

It's the season of Hajj. My mother is in Mecca. Living her all-time dream to be one of Allah's guest. I hope she will always be in His rahmah there. Safe. Always be in an excellent spirit and health. Not to forget, in good companies of Allah's other guests. Able to perform the last ibadah in our 5 pillars of Islam.

Pondering upon my mother's being in the Holy City, I come towards several important points that I, as a Muslim should do as His servant who aspire to perform the Hajj too, and not forgetting, also as a Muslim towards other Muslim who set to sail to go to Mecca.

As a Muslim aspiring to perform Hajj
  1. Dream. Set in heart and mind to perform it too.  
  2. Work to realize the dream. This is the most important thing for me. Islam prescribes that the last pillars of Islam is performing the hajj for those who is able (financially/economically and in terms of health). For me, 'able' here means working out to get the ability. Islam teaches the ummah that nothing grows on its own on the trees. Just like my mother, she saved money. Without money, undeniable indeed, one cannot perform it. Without good health, one will fail to do it.  

As a Muslim towards other Muslim who set to sail to Mecca
  1. Pray that she/ he will do the ibadah well.
  2. Always give her/ him words of encouragement.
  3. Make her/ him an example to follow. Her/ his going to Mecca should set fire to one's engine to be His guest too.
  4. Be curious on how she/ he can afford to go there. Curiosity is very good in this matter as to help one well plan the ibadah ahead. Learn from her/ him 'HOW'!!! Questioning is the key to ilm. 

The Hajj has a lot to offer in terms of hikmah if we think about it from many angles. Just words of sharing. Has been a long time since my last entry. Now in Ulu Sugut, finally, yahoooo... the Internet is working. Lost is the time of darkness. Hehehe...

Ya, any 'khilaf' are all mine.

Take what is good and applicable.

Selamt Hari Raya Qurban!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Kursus yang konon bengkel pemantapan pecutan akhir Bahasa Inggeris PMR yang dibuat hujung-hujung semester macam bulan lapan ini tidak saya gemari. Saya akur dengan idea banyak ilmu baru boleh didapati dari kursus macam kata Shima rakan seperjuangan sedari maktab. Tapi... saya lebih teruja, lebih mahu bersama pelajar saya di sekolah, di kelas, pada saat-saat begini yang saya kira sudah akhir minit untuk kursus seumpama! 

Jadi, nekad saya potong kursus dari diari minggu ini. Bersedia untuk beri surat tunjuk sebab. Kemudian sekarang saya berfikir... kalau saya hadiri kan baik juga... terus nyatakan pendapat bengkel pemantapan seumpama patut dijalankan lebih awal. 

Tidak. Saya tidak ada niat mencari - mendedah kelemahan pengelola menganjur bengkel di saat begini. Cuma buah fikir saya, bengkel seumpama patut dianjurkan awal biarpun namanya pecutan akhir. Cuma boleh dibincangkan bersama pengelola. Hmmm. Kesal juga tidak hadir.


Monday, July 18, 2011


Rex, in my class, 5 Sastera, had stopped schooling when he was in form 5. Decided, he had enough of books, pencil and class. So, he honeymooned for 2 years when finally he 'saw the light' and hit school again. Very cute of him.

We were hoping his comeback was because he 'saw the light' but our hope was drowned in a drain. He only came to school like the 'Chipsmore' biscuits. Sekijap ada, sekijap tiada!

A thorough investigation revealed he only registered back to school because he wanted a motorcycle. Parents really wanted their eldest child to have his SPM cert, so negotiation made. PAM!!!! Rex got his bike, parents got him back in class. Rupa-rupanya mahu jadi Awie! Naik motor bersiar-siar di tepi ladang getah.

I feel pity for both parents and Rex my student. More pity for the parents. Anger+Pity for Rex.

Dropping out of school, with no concrete reason is far serious matter than not going to the PLKN training. The government gives penalty to youngsters who do not attend the latter. The only available penalty for students who do not stay in school I guess is their parents' broken heart - and - it costs them their future - if only they could see both!!!    

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Pelajar-pelajar saya dapat laptop 1Malaysia baru-baru ni. Tapi bukan semua. Jadi, di dalam kelas,

Saturday, March 19, 2011

mesti saya baca

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Nothing beats the feeling after pouring down your trouble to ears that are always ready to hear. Thank you Soleh for lending me your ears.

Don't worry be happy should not be your motto. Face the day positively should. Despair, never ever. Even once.

Because Allah's test is never one that His servants can't bear. And in the end, it always turn you to be a stronger person.

Monday, March 14, 2011

They... Fart... Me...

Become the victim of fart? Anyone? Oh it's free. Want some? Welcome to my world. You should become a teacher to get this free stuff. Do I hear the words 'yuck', 'gross'...'ewwww'??? Louder please...

Inside the class, just when you, as the teacher are so engross in your 'Teaching & Learning' session, surely the last thing on earth you want is 'distraction'. They can come in many forms. "They fart me," is just one classic example. When I say 'They'... I mean the students. My students. Ahhhh... my lovable students. Putting it in the perspective, "They fart me," is, I think a beautiful way to sum it. They fart their teacher. How devilish.

No one will admit of doing it for sure. Laughing and gigling, they will point at others like it is not a serious matter. Oh, they are so good at it. "Si Stefan yang kantut, teacher..." then Stefan will say, "Tidak si Finisnah." Finisnah will say, "Eih.. si Nelson..." the next student on the accusation list will continue... blah, blah, blah, blah... the pointings goes on and on. I always regret asking them, "Siapa yang kantut ini?" I never fail to lecture for nearly 5 minutes on good manners everytime they give me the bomb though.

But if one really wants to know who the culprit is, this is a proven effective way so far... First, just enjoy the aroma of their rotten fart.. pretend you don't smell it.. huhu.. patiently wait for the time for them to submit their work. Then, shoot the question, "Yang kantut tadi sudah hantar buku kah?" The one who farts would answer, "Sudah cikgu...." Hah, itulah tu orang tu! 

I've done it. I got the student red like lobster all around his face after without guard he admitted. His friends laughed madly at him. Laughing with the class I gave the culprit a 360 degree pinch on his stomach, "For your smelly fart. Like rotten cabbagge it was." Then I lectured on good manners.    

Sadly but true, after that, they still fart the teachers. (It was not me alone. Other teachers as well...) They become very cautious when I shoot the question, "Yang kantut tu sudah siap kah?"

They really do learn fast to be that cautious. Unfortunately, they do not learn anything about good manners I lectured.

But you know what, "By now I am so super fartproof..." So let them fart all they want. Sometimes I think it helps to liven the class.

My advice, "Don't be a teacher if you are not as super as me!"  


Tuesday, February 15, 2011


My kids...oh no, no, no... I should not call them my kids like some teachers do. Make me feel very advanced in age. Should call them my students. Ahhaaa... better yet, my pupils... my pupils... isn't using the word 'pupils' a lot more cool? I seldom use the word. Should be using it more. Similar word in Bahasa Melayu is 'murid    

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I don't like the smell of this....

Disapprove very quickly? Judge and criticize others just so soon? 

Take time. For a while, hold your judgement.

Give 'x' a chance.

Let 'x' works out the best at the first.

Second chance?

Up to you then.



Snail mail.

"Going the Distance to Bring the People Together"
No. 1 option


Kesayangan Baru

Kerja keras.

Lap bersih.
Hilangkan kotoran.

Nyahkan minyak.

Kerana dia...
kesayangan baruku!

Ponsikou Kinorohingan.
Kerana rahmatMu...
tidak terkirakan oleh ilmu hisab...
upaya aku


Kesayangan baru.

Friday, February 4, 2011


My brother told me, "A demonstration by people in Jordan was planned to be executed after Jumaat prayer. It's to show support for what the people in Egypt are up to against their government. Nonetheless, it did not take place. Maybe because of the rain..." 

I'm a froggie under the coconut shell. I was in the dark of all current issues while I was in Ulu Sugut. Uprising of the people in Egypt against their government is one of them. There is no excuses for my ignorance since there is Internet facality in school. Just what did I do in school? Awww... I'm busy with my position as the Head of English Panel. Excuses... excuses... stop with giving excuses Askidah!

Now. I'm out of the darkness, I say, "I support the Egypt uprising against Hosni Mubarak's regime..."  


kau nampak tuh?

yang angkat bakul
bakul buluh tradisi
warna kuning diraja Melayu tu!

tuh la...
uncle yang pakai topi
warna coklat tuh...

kau tidak tahu...
aku panggil tuh...
eksotika Dusun!

eksotika-eksotika Dusun...

bakul buluh tradisi
buatan tangan


waktu kecil

musim menanam - menuai padi 
macam uncle itu
aku juga pernah angkat.

 dari Kampung Matan
Paka Dua.

Jalan kaki.

gambar aku diambil.

masa yang itu

aku yang comot
kerana lumpur sawah.

menjadi eksotika


bakul buluh tradisi
wakid Dusunnya.

biarlah aku
tiada gambar
yang mungkin
boleh jadi pengingat
the good old days,
pelajaran awal
mengenal erti susah.

aku ada memori itu
di benak

aku harap aku
bukan macam Dr. M kata
"Melayu mudah lupa!"

aku kan Dusun.
Dato M for Masidi belum pernah kata lagi kan?
"Dusun mudah lupa?" 

sifat universal semua
tiada takluk pada sesuatu bangsa
harapnya aku
tidak lupalah.

Kredit untuk mama
yang meng'order'ku

KAU 26, AKU 26, 26... AKU SEDAR!

Mahu ketemu
sahabat kesayangan aku...
Ummu Qurratu...
Syaziah namanya...
makin langsing
biar baru bersalin
(diam-diam aku cemburu, aku kan makin cumil!) 

Dia ada bilang padaku,
26 sudah umur kita.

Aku sengih saja...
Aku bilang,
saya sedar bah!
saya sedar saya 26 young...
kau 26 young...
mesti mahu sedar diri!"

Pecah ketawa...

For old good time's sake...
kerana sentiasa melekat di hati
ungkapan popular Ustaz Jusidin,
"Perjuangan kita belum selesai!"
biar berapapun umur kita!!!

Gambate Kudasai!