Friday, February 27, 2009

So I was Born in JUNE

I stole this from my fwen azri's blog... i juz kind of like it... so i took it... many of the description fit!!!! bold is the original, the itallic come from me...

JUNE people:
Thinks far with vision.

can beat Dr. M yes!!!

Easily influenced by kindness.
Hati terusik???

Polite and soft-spoken.
woah.... yeah and the next door lecturer comes and knock softly asking the class to shhhhhhhh

Having lots of ideas.

thank god i'm still sane



Active mind.

hopefully it will during forum on 6th march amen

Hesitating, tends to delay.
proof? my AE is still stuck at...

Choosy and always wants the best.
Shoot me at the head....


Funny and humorous.
yeah.... friends say so

Loves to joke.
friends fay so... yalah kali

Good debating skills.
not as great as jebat & bugiey




Knows how to make friends.
you don't want enemy


Able to show character.
but canpeople read?

Easily hurt.
and it is really hurting me

Prone to getting colds.
strange it's true!!!

Loves to dress up.
why who don't??? wish i have more bucks!!!

Easily bored.

yeah but not to the extent of an irritating perfectionist

Seldom shows emotions.

Takes time to recover when hurt.
short time if it's temper

Brand conscious.
i don't care if it's made in Golok... you don't have much choice if u don't hv the money... huhuhuhu... for now

kichik said i am

oooooohhhhhh..... surely

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I've Been Tag Yeah

OK I'm a NKOTB... New Kid On The Blog!!! My sister leave me a comment P/s I tag you... so i went like hey what's the animal is that?

Rupanya... it is this... 6 random things spill I have to.

1. Link to the person who tagged you
2. Post the rules in you blog.√
3. Write 6 random things about yourself.√
4. Tag 6 people to your post and link to them.√
5. Let each person know they've been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.√

So here go the 6 things:
1. I'm praying for someone now... really pray he'll made the interview!!!
2. I really really want to eat Burger King now with my sister Ijah!!!
3. I want to learn how to swim and then take diving license... hopefully with Abeq!!!
4. How I hope to collect all of my Faisal Tehrani's book with Kak Rozet by end of this month. I miss 'em!! (SIGH)
5. I hope I am cool during driving class coz my teacher Mr. Raju said he was soooo afraid to ride with me. How bad was I sir??? Lagi mau tanya.... duh.. (GRIN)
6. SLIMWORLD I want to enrol in you!!!! I don't want Herbal Life like Momoy or Syaz or ZZ want it... I want SLIMWORLD... (GRIN)...

Bah I have to nominate 6 people, so I nominate
1. Yantoxxx
2. Momoy
3. Bugiey Bugz
4. Shima
5. Andie Mujie
6. SYaz do you have a blog???? since mdm. Jenny Pang ask us to do....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Broke up. End of the great love story. The cut deep deep, bleeding. Yet invisible. Mark forever. Long time to get better. Some unheal. It's a sad thing yes.

I must admit I don't have enough credibility to talk much about love, broken heart, putus cinta in Bahasa Melayu, all those romance-stuff-related. Coz' I never really experience such things. Ask my friend Aden, he understand me well in this matter.
My peek into that world is through friends. Sharing with me their bits of the stuff. Second source would be observation. Standing outside of the ring, looking, seeing, feeling, learning from what I witness. The last channel definitely is through reading bookworm that I am as Arman said. Yeah I have a bunch of friends who call their friends names.
I could conclude this:-
Broke up.
End of the great love story.
The cut deep, bleeding. Yet invisible.
Mark forever.
Long time to get better.
Some people get bitter.
Some unheal.
So fix it!!!
You don't want to be sick all the time.
It is especially sad for me to listen to bits from friends who broke up with their special one who also happen to be in my circle of friends too. (Some of these exes are my friends though the first are on higher par than the latter).I got irritated to hear repeated stories all over again like there are no other stories. Like some people are Astro Channels. Once story-telling is the most cool. Friends want to share. To let out the bad aura in their grief-stricken heart. Twice is still OK. Thrice and so on and so on added with bits of badmouthing their exes is so not cool and OK. Can sniff something wrong in such situation.
Just what the heck is it for? For me it is like drawing a bad, bad picture about their exes. Painting a hideous colour for them. Like they are real bad, bad dog/ bitch. OK maybe they are. Thing is all of it make me deliberately think you are trying to make me stand in the same league with you. To be so against your exes just like you? We are friends, friends should stick togeteher I know, but your exes are also friends. To get things straight I made my view and stand cut and explicitly clear that the problem should only be between the two. Not me against their exes. Their exes are also my friends even though they are on the higher par.
It just that in life you can't afford to make enemy. What more if the problem got nothind to do with you. I so agree with Riz and Masnah when they said, "The past between two exes especially the hideous part should remain between the two!"
Masnah also agree with me, "By telling the story sure they spill their exes' weaknessess, the bad side. So we could see who the victim are. Who are in guilt. But actually they also reveal their own weaknesses."
And I couldn't agree more!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I went to 1 Borneo yesterday. Last week just got the allowance scholarship. Had long planned to switch to another facial product. Bought new product to test yesterday. Hopefully could kiss bye-bye the glowing sunshine on my detereorating skin (SIGH). Great 'Body Shop' packed their product mainly using paper. Less use of plastic the so non degradable material. In some way I viewed it as a marketting strategy to attract customers who are into 'GREEN' to look at them in a positive light.

Done with my business in The Body Shop - i straight headed to Harris - the newly opened bookstore in 1 Borneo. Only planned to kill time by flipping over some of the books' title and pages from rack to rack. Actually so dying inside to buy 2 books by an Afghan author - i - forgot his name. But I registred very well his very first book's title - The Kite Runner. Nonetheless I'm afraid my budget was already tight this month. What more after purchasing the Body Shop products. (Hopefully it will do wonder to my skin prob. High Hope!!!) Got to wait till next allowance is bank in then.

The last rack i lingered at, my eyes caught Frank McCourt's book. I took it and flipped over several pages.I found myself hooked up reciting

Your mother's love is a blessing,

No matter where you go,

Keep her while you have her,

You'll miss her when she's gone.

well written in the Irish-American teacher's book. Splendid and beautiful. Made me pondered on how much so far my dedication of appreciation towards my mom!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Ironic Preacher

I learnt long ago never to let myself be surprised hearing that people who preach adamantly do just the things they are so against of in their preaching. Ironic isn't it - preaching against things but doing them? Life afterall is full of IRONY!!! Always prepare well for it then.

I'm actually trigger to write this after gossipping oooh!!! and ahhhh!!! with a bestie (baby your name i should make confidential)! We both know this one friend who talks about good deeds and bad. About sin and pahala. You should/ shouldn't do this and that. Heaven and hell, religion stuff and all. Get the picture I hope. It's good to have friend like this yeah.

Nonetheless it turns out that the preacher is not applying things preached... bla, bla, bla, bla...

Oooh yesss... we human are so capable of flaws (if one wants to say alah biasalah tu manusia bah!). So based on this also I'm now so incapable of avoiding myself from turning into deaf ears - switching off completely whenever the person goes on bla, bla, bla, bla, bla.... even politely tell the preacher so what I think. That's the best part!!!

And so there's an Arab proverb unzur ma kola wala tanzur man kola (look upon what is said, don't look at the person). Oh dear God... some things are not as easy as eating pancakes!!!

It's hard actually to take in what the ironic preacher bla, bla, bla, bla now knowing the ironic side.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

deeper conversation

have this conversation before we - masnah & me - fall deep into beautiful slumber. one can say it as gossipping too!!! gossip that fruits us good sharing of talk and discussion though. no harm done and no merit gained!!! hell i don't want to go to... so better be selective with what i am gossipping about.
one of our friends is now attempting to lost weight. ok i phrase it in other words... our friend is now embarking in a dare to lose thingy!!! parents said, "No one will fall for you nanti!"
i actually giggled at the saying "No one will fall for you nanti!"
oh... what a way to reason people to lose inches... what a classic way to persuade others... i had to agree though that it could be a strong motivation for one to shed kilos!!!! afterall... we are living in a world where we are excessively bombarded by the idea that small, slim... super skinny (yuck and that's so gory looking) is beauuu - oooo - ti - ful sexy attracting others like magnet. much much appetizing x-faxtor to shooo away the fat!!! so if you could be that many 'S'... one will fall for you... eh... not one.. many kut!!! kut!!!
but for me... losing kilos.... get trim and all shape... eh no, no , no... 'put it in my style... stay fit & healthy... dare to lose thingy' , the most effective motivation for me is...
i don't want to die cause by illnesses derived by fatness!!! dying cause by diseases related to being off the ideal body mass index - e.g. heart problem, diabetes, high cholestrol, etc. for me it shows that i am irresponsible towards myself (for example me myself if i suffer that illnesses). such things if pre-cautions are done well could definitely be prevented. if things still turn out bad after all of the efforts than that would be different!!! seriously everyone should be taking care of our body, food we take, our activity and exercise. be responsible towards our well being. and yeah i simply believe that God told us to be just so - responsible to our well being!!! i simply apply this. and alhamdulillah it's working for me. i am shrinking well. (hehehe) and i feel good having this x-factor behind my attempt!!!!
moral of the story one should have a very solid x-factor to shed all of those excess kg!!!
i hope my friend itu will succeed in the dare!!! hopefully when the effort shows great gain the parents could happily say, "nah... many fall for you already."

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


i smsed my bestie Masnah last night. asking if she would be free this Wednesday. hopeful that we could catch a movie together. i had INKHEART in mind. but she'll not be free. nevermind i said, maybe some other time. date with you in coffee beans or starbucks some time when you are free ok masnah, said i.

it's better if we don't go to starbuck la kide. israel's brand. coffee bean la!!! a reply from her.

masnah will it really make a different if we boycott starbuck?

imagine millions of malaysian do not buy their product they the zionist will not get their royalty paid!!! we can't give hands for our brothers & sisters in Palestine... this is the least we could do. sure it will make a different!!!

right... let's boycott the zionist's product!!! this make me think... if i go watch the movie... does any royalty is paid to he zionist? i mean is the production behind the movie the belongs to them? if yes sure they will get!!!

bagus beli cetak rompak lah after this!!! hahaha...