Monday, October 31, 2011

- Hajj -

It's the season of Hajj. My mother is in Mecca. Living her all-time dream to be one of Allah's guest. I hope she will always be in His rahmah there. Safe. Always be in an excellent spirit and health. Not to forget, in good companies of Allah's other guests. Able to perform the last ibadah in our 5 pillars of Islam.

Pondering upon my mother's being in the Holy City, I come towards several important points that I, as a Muslim should do as His servant who aspire to perform the Hajj too, and not forgetting, also as a Muslim towards other Muslim who set to sail to go to Mecca.

As a Muslim aspiring to perform Hajj
  1. Dream. Set in heart and mind to perform it too.  
  2. Work to realize the dream. This is the most important thing for me. Islam prescribes that the last pillars of Islam is performing the hajj for those who is able (financially/economically and in terms of health). For me, 'able' here means working out to get the ability. Islam teaches the ummah that nothing grows on its own on the trees. Just like my mother, she saved money. Without money, undeniable indeed, one cannot perform it. Without good health, one will fail to do it.  

As a Muslim towards other Muslim who set to sail to Mecca
  1. Pray that she/ he will do the ibadah well.
  2. Always give her/ him words of encouragement.
  3. Make her/ him an example to follow. Her/ his going to Mecca should set fire to one's engine to be His guest too.
  4. Be curious on how she/ he can afford to go there. Curiosity is very good in this matter as to help one well plan the ibadah ahead. Learn from her/ him 'HOW'!!! Questioning is the key to ilm. 

The Hajj has a lot to offer in terms of hikmah if we think about it from many angles. Just words of sharing. Has been a long time since my last entry. Now in Ulu Sugut, finally, yahoooo... the Internet is working. Lost is the time of darkness. Hehehe...

Ya, any 'khilaf' are all mine.

Take what is good and applicable.

Selamt Hari Raya Qurban!!!

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