Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thrill Ciptaan Hidup

1. Dia saudara saya. Pupu.
2. Dia bilang sama saya, "Buatlah thrill dalam hidup.'
3. Hasutan mendalam membawa kepada kecerahan hari-hari.
4. Saya terpengaruh.
5. Daya persuasi saudara saya itu kuat pula.
6. Lebih kuat dari iklan TM yang ramai pelakon Melayu muda-mudinya macam kerasukan dalam konsert (tapi saya pun tidak faham apa yang cuba dipersuasi oleh iklan TM ni).
7. Entahlah mungkin ada juga pelakon India dan Cina. Biarlah diorang histeria dalam nyanyi-nyanyian.
8. Pesona persuasi saudara saya itu letaknya pada intipati hasutannya saja pun.
9. Untuk saya ciptakan thrill dalam hidup.
10. Hidup di dunia hanya sekali.
11. Tiada apa-apa saya hilang mencipta thrill itu!!!!
12. Apalagi 'Nike, Just Do It lalalala...'
13. Oh ya Rabb Tuhan Penuh sifat kasih sayang. Suluhi jalan saya. Biar pupus kelamnya.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Kucing Survivor

Kucing-kucing putih saya. Pertama kalinya saya ada kucing putih. Bermata biru. Terdahulu, hitam warnanya. Tiger namanya. Dia sudah hilang. Saya mengandaikan sudah mati pun. Kalaulah saya jumpa badanmu Tiger, mesti saya kubur penuh hormat sama macam kucing-kucing terdahulu.

Kucing-kucing putih ini mamanya oren bernama Jinggo. Bapanya yang putih. Putih dan badan penuh kurap. Entah macam mana Jinggo boleh jatuh cinta sama bapa kucing itu. Ah, barangkali bukan soal cinta. Kucing kurap memaksakan. Biarlah.

Ini semua cerita lama. Kucing-kucing ini tiada di rumah sudah. Anak kucing 1 namanya Neko bagi sama Fitri. Anak kucing 2 namanya Angel hadiahkan pada Soji. Yang bongsu Neno bagi sama Arif Papa Cat. Jinggo terpaksa dibuang di asrama SMK Mat Salleh. Dia suka makan ayam di rumah bah. Terpaksa. Tapi dia kucing survivor. Sangat pandai tangkap dan makan tikus juga ular. Dia selamat di mana-mana macam saya. Ya. Macam saya. Aisehman.

Selamat Tahun Baru.
Terus-terusan survive.
Tidak tahu apa-apa cabaran lagi.

Sesekali jangan makan tikus dan ular.
Tapi jadi macam kucing bertindak-tindak.
Mitos pun cakap kucing ada 9 nyawa.
Dia memang kental.

Saya faham apa yang saya bebel.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nasi Yang Tidak Habis Menangis

1. Her eyes are beautiful. My friend. I would always be mesmerized by them. We had the chance to lunch together.

2.She said as she put down her spoon and all, "If I eat.... never will I fail to finish the food. No leftover on the plate. LICIN..." we both looked at her plate. Indeed except for the gravy. "That's why I could never succumb to diet and lose weight."

2. I didn't make any comment as she drank her lemon tea through the straw. I knew there was more to come after that gulp. I was right...

3. She went on animatedly, that's one quality I love about her, animated. "A waste bah if it is not finish. Used to it. Upbringing. Mother always nagged since I was a kid the rice will cry if you do not eat it all. How I, as a kid so believed in that, I eat my rice, my food till nothing left. Finished."

4. She grinned and continued, "I bet all mothers said that. To educate their children never to waste food. Yours also..." and we bla bla bla black sheep... chatted away since it has been a long time we did not see each other.

5. She was true about my mother. Same way of educating children to finish their meal. Only, my mother did more than that - the oral part. Yeah, she did more than saying, "Nanti nasi nangis kalau tidak habis!"

6. Indirectly, she had educated me the value through the labour part too. In the action part.

7. The step by step process towards the harvesting of the precious golden skinned ripe paddy.

8. She brought her kids to work, labouring in our land, our paddy field. Planting our own rice.

9. Ever had the experience at hand? Not easy job. I guess when one experiences the thing itself, he/ she learns it best. All the embedded lesson within. Maybe not when he/ she is still very young. Or maybe yes. That is very possible if the kids are fast bloomers at heart. Or maybe later on when he/ she matures.

10. This experience is among the things that made me like my friend. No leftover on the plate.

11. Only that, I lose weight. Managed. With no food wasted. Wondrous thing.

Friday, December 25, 2009

action walks side by side with words = BINGO

1. Actions speak louder than words.

2. So I remain humbly quiet. Therefore, appeared like one who have no concern of things.

3. What's the use of talking too much with no action followed? Just talks and no action. Silly.

4. Well... I'm just a 'small' one here.

5. Bukan orang lama.

6. Orang baru.

7. Then, my action and my words are less significant... not just less... very very insignificant around here.

8. Or so I thought.

9. I... quiet.

10. Words will be louder if it's followed by actions. Better yet. Walk side by side. Like two great friends. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

11. Indeed.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

sorban for a girl??

Perempuan Berkalung Sorban.

On youtube. I'm searching if the vid is there.

If yes, I hope it to be downloaded fast.

Waiting is... duh... sometimes killing!!!

But that, have I to do, since to get the DVD, the chance to go downtown, I don't have.

Just from the title, to know more about this movie I yearn greatly!!!

Especially about the woman in the title, "Perempuan Berkalung Sorban!".

Why... oh why is she depicted with a sorban?

Unusual it is since...

Sorban is mean for the opposite gender.

Watch the movie... must I then.

To have better perspective.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ontolou, Onton!!! Ontolou, Onton!!!

And the first saying is, "Of course one will be happy over the moon if one's firstborn is ontolou!"

And the other saying goes, "Hey you so great mom.... question, how was the feeling like your firstborn is onton? Does it reach over the moon?"

The great mom shares, "Over the moon, child... over the moon!!! It's funny to hear the first saying - Of course one will be happy over the moon if one's firstborn is ontolou! Not just funny but very, very, extremely funny. Ontolou or onton, one should just ride their joy over the moon!!"

And thank God. Too.

Thank the Good God the Giver!!!


Ontolou = boy

Onton = girl

These are Dusun words. They are not available in whatsoever dictionary!!!