Monday, July 18, 2011


Rex, in my class, 5 Sastera, had stopped schooling when he was in form 5. Decided, he had enough of books, pencil and class. So, he honeymooned for 2 years when finally he 'saw the light' and hit school again. Very cute of him.

We were hoping his comeback was because he 'saw the light' but our hope was drowned in a drain. He only came to school like the 'Chipsmore' biscuits. Sekijap ada, sekijap tiada!

A thorough investigation revealed he only registered back to school because he wanted a motorcycle. Parents really wanted their eldest child to have his SPM cert, so negotiation made. PAM!!!! Rex got his bike, parents got him back in class. Rupa-rupanya mahu jadi Awie! Naik motor bersiar-siar di tepi ladang getah.

I feel pity for both parents and Rex my student. More pity for the parents. Anger+Pity for Rex.

Dropping out of school, with no concrete reason is far serious matter than not going to the PLKN training. The government gives penalty to youngsters who do not attend the latter. The only available penalty for students who do not stay in school I guess is their parents' broken heart - and - it costs them their future - if only they could see both!!!    

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Pelajar-pelajar saya dapat laptop 1Malaysia baru-baru ni. Tapi bukan semua. Jadi, di dalam kelas,