Saturday, May 30, 2009


few more days left before KISSM starts!!!
Kursus cikgu2!!! in maktab...
2 weeks... phew.. that's long...
i am left with no choice...
but to go...

Or else...
tidak boleh jadi cikgu wooo...
all those 6 years of my TESL study will go down in the drain!!!
wait till betul2 sudah jadi cikgu...
bet there will be many course to attend too!!!!
better get use to it now or never...
call it part of professional development!!!
lifelong one!!!

my kitten 'Puith' keeps on peeing and pooing in front of my brother's room.
I have to clean the mess over and over...

I still have not start my guitar lesson yet!!!
there are so many other things delaying me so..

my teeth needs a new filling...
Oh God Oh Help another visit to the dentist!!!

Now how many sigh already I've made??

Sigh... sigh... sigh...
just one of the things I do best...
sighing sighing I always find myself doing, I damn make sure I do the follow up action needed!!!

I've been reading Lee Su Kim's book 'a Nyonya in Texas'....

came across with her remark saying

'EATING - one of the things that we Malaysian do best....'

hehe... I guess yeah indeed it is!!!
it sure does apply to me!!!
not a bad thing at all as long as what is eaten is all good stuff!!!

Here I go sighing again!!!
My beties' mother said i'm getting bigger..
uh oh... i guess i've been eating a lot these days... and no exercise at all...
sob, sob...

How I never go out exercise since I got home in Ranau like 3 weeks ago...

Now I hope how:
'EXERCISING - one of the things I will do best too... consistently i hope...'
walk side by side with two of the things I do best in my life - SIGHING & EATING...

just pic showing me at the thing I do best (GRIN)

and as Lee Su Kim wrote in her book 'A Nyonya in Texas' - Malaysians do best!!! A must read ni!!!

Crispus said jangan lupa Malaysians juga suka KEPOH!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mansau-ansau Part II

Fancy soaking your feet in cool refreshing water??? Friendly fishes swim around your feet... unafraid... pecking on and rubbing against your skin... some gently some roughly.... mostly the feeling... ticklish!!!

On Monday this week I went mansau-ansau to Kg. Luanti, in Ranau of course. Less than 10 minutes drive from my house. Went there coz my mother got a special intensive scheme from Jabatan Perikanan. 10 000 anak-anak ikan she would be getting!!! Majlis perasmian intensif anak-anak ikan untuk pengusaha kolam ikan air tawar dibuat di kampung ini.

And such a cool experience as described above I had there!!! having my feet in the clear steer unpolluted river, I could see fishes dancing and dancing and dancing gracefully around me!!!

Actually back in the good old high school days, I had mansau-ansau here thrice. School activity. BBQ, camping, mandi-manda di sungai hooray-hooray.... outdoor thingy...

Those days this place was not as beautiful, as well cared and conserved as it is today!!!

What a transformation it has now. Long ago, lalang-lalang tinggi merajai padang kampung ini. Sungainya ditagal tapi ikan-ikan tidak kenampakan seperti sekarang.

But now.... Subhanallah.. this place is smashing!!! It is very, very well cared now. And the result??? Kg. Luanti must have gained such profit from this project. Projek ikan sungai tagal turn to be Ranau tourist destination. Brilliant!!! Bravo Kg. Luanti!!!

A rather irritating, infuriating thing took place when my sis, aunt and me lepak2 with the tourist guide there.

A guy who happened to be the chauffeur to the Deputy Minister for Kementerian Pertanian dan Industri Makanan who came to the village to launch the special scheme, threw his unfinished cigarette on the ground, in front of our eyes. In front of everyone in the scene. Still burning and smoking there it laid on the ground - oh I so hate such manner!!! The guide who lepak2 with us took the cigarette - matikan baranya - and threw it in its right place - the dustbin.

Harap2 lelaki pemandu itu bakal mempunyai kesedaran sivik masa mendatang!!! Sungguh tiada adab gayanya!!!

If you are coming to Ranau, put Kg. Luanti on top of the list to be visited!!! Not expensive to get admission. Orang Ranau only RM3, other district I think RM3 also... tourist RM15!!!

And you can choose packages such as bathing in the river and get the fishes peck you, feed the fish and have your hand being sucked at while feeding them, and others I forgot already!! All at different rate but worth it!!!Oh and yeah the guide claimed that being pecked and sucked by the fish while bathing in the river has health benefits such as 'buang angin' from the body!!!

Overall for me the visit was great. Mainly because we got free admission to the place. Thanx abang and pakcik guard.. ponsikou togumu kio!!! Huahuahua.. Mansau-ansau kita!!!! Enjoy the nature... Littering don't ever do it anywehere anytime...

message from mother nature!!!!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Yeah jobless but not searching for job. But I want work to do. So, today I mansau-ansau around my village. My Mp3 sang out loud 'hey mansau-ansau oku.. au katama muli!!!!' i don't know who the Kadus singer was... one thing for sure the song is my all time kadus song fav!!! i grew up with it...

I didn't mansau-ansau for no apparent reason!!! I went to Arip's house. He wasn't home. So I talked only to his mom and his adopted brother. I badly wanted this one type of lemon grass!!! Serai wangi the name in Bahasa. To have it planted at the back of our house. And yahooo managed to get it I did!!!

I gave Arip one of my 3 white kittens last year in December. Neno his name is. He's big alreay!!! And cuter!!!!

The whole household loves him early. ARip's adopted bro said Neno sleeps with him at night!!!

Oh, Neno I'm just glad kau menjadi kesayangan semua di rumah barumu!!!

I walked home from Arip's place.... I couldn't resist taking this goat's picture taking a rest under a shady tree in my uncle's yard!!! She was like the longest living goat in my kampung!!! Been here since I was in primary school!!!!

I just love mansau-ansau like this!!!!

I hope the lemon grass will grow fast, many...

bolehlah mandi air serai wangi!!!

terus mansau-ansau lagi...

Crawling, Walking, Running!!!

My friend cute Yan the first Cohort II to go blogging had this tag as her status in Yahoo Messenger - 'Jobless, but not looking (hunting) for job!'

Yeah that goes the same with me cute Yan... (^_^)

Job as a teacher is waiting for me (us)...

In fact I cannot wait till that very day comes this July for me to be posted... to be officially called a teacher.... (Just where the school will be? I'm so like the CAT nowadays. Curious!!! Curious... curious.... meow, meowww!!!)

(clearing my throat) Miss Askidah Tahir (drop the 'r', don't plz)...

Miss Kide'.

Wow awesome. Call me Miss Kide'!!!

Feel cool!!!

More cool is the fact that at this stage I would be moving into the next stage of life.

Level where one is heading toward financially independent state.

Working life that is!!!

Milking for money!!!!

Lately.... most conversations I had with my friends revolved around work - our new responsibilty - upon hitting that phase - working life konon!!! Boring? Hell no bah!!!

Moving toward financially independent.

Cool konon.

Not dependng on parents to provide for one anymore!!!!

My friend Gupier remarked a very good thing about this phase, "tanggungjawab kita lagi-lagi berubah sudah saat-saat ini. kita yang kena memberi pada mama bapa kita sudah sepatutnya!" (of course I changed a bit her ayat... but the isi is there!! hehe).

True indeed Gupier.

Jobless but not hunting for job!!!

That may apply for me and cute cute Yan.

For some....


They are hunting, searching.

Hard for some.

For all my friends who are in search...

I pray that Allah Almighty will ease it for you guys!!!

PS: Life is synonymous to crawl - walk - run!!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Darling Which One Are You?

Which one are you?
Better at talking?

Or maybe you are just something else
Yet to be mentioned.

You great at keeping mum?
Outside of the ring.

So darling
Just which one are you?

It was a good day hanging out with Ateq drinking Milo Ping!!!!